How to engage with the Media Freedom Cohort of the Summit for Democracy

GFMD invites you to become part of the Media Freedom Cohort of the second Summit for Democracy.

The Media Freedom Cohort is a multi-stakeholder platform which aims to bring together civil society actors, media, private sector leaders, philanthropic partners, academics, and government decision-makers, with a shared commitment to making concrete progress in improving media freedom.

 Commitments:  One of the key functions of the Cohort is to gather commitments to funding, funding models, industry standards, public policies, and other initiatives that will help media outlets survive and thrive in the coming decades.

 Criteria:  We are striving for commitments that are measurable, replicable, and achievable, believing that these commitments will best allow for systemic change.

 Deadline:  24 February 2023

As well as gathering commitments, the other role of the Cohort is to gather:

  1. Evidence on best practices and lessons learned regarding how governments and other stakeholders can improve media freedom and “Bolster Independent and Diverse Media” at home and abroad.
  2. Multistakeholder, participatory, and demonstrably effective projects and initiatives that are scalable and have the potential to bring about systemic change.

Based on the Commitments, evidence and initiatives that are gathered, the working group co-leads will produce a report that will be published by the Cohort ahead of the Summit and fed into the Summit’s processes wherever possible.

Details about the Global Democracy Coalition will be published on their website shortly. Contact the Forum if you want to participate and for more information

GFMD will publish details about how the Media Freedom Cohort and other stakeholders can engage in the Summit on the engagement opportunities section of our website as soon as we have further information.