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21 Октября 2017
10.11.2009, Новость
Проголосуйте за финалистов Earth Journalism Awards
We are very pleased to announce that the online vote to select the winner of the Global Public Award - the 16th prize that will be presented in Copenhagen - is now open!

Following on from our previous email, please find below the 15 tweets specific to each of our finalists:

R. Haddad gets 1st hand experience of global warming in the Arctic for Arab readers #cop15 - To vote: RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavoted
A.Fanzares & C.Azevedo carry voices of those on the frontline of Brazilian deforestation#cop15 - To vote: RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavotee
R.Khan on vulnerable fishermen of the Indus Delta quickly adapting to climate change#cop15 - To vote: RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavotef
D.Biello: carbon capture and storage may be the climate"s only saviour#cop15 - To vote: RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavoteg

S.Mbogo on the trillions of dollars overlooked by Kenyan environmental businesses #cop15 - To vote: #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavoteh
J.Cheam on how we can all play our part in the global revolution in energy solutions #cop15 - To vote:RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavotei
F.Pandurska-Dramikjanin on tropical fruits farming in Macedonia due to climate change#cop15 -To vote: RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavotej
J.Pickrell on ocean acidification: a huge threat to sea life. Too late to fix?#cop15 -To vote: RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavotek
J.Kindra: poverty doesn"t get in the way of combating climate change for Eritrea #cop15 - To vote: RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavoten
G.Wynn & S.Creagh uncover a shocking tale of corruption in carbon trading schemes#cop15 - To vote: RT #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavote #cop15 #ejavote

- EBrief the negotiators in Copenhagen! Choose the top #climate report as essential reading for them http://bit.ly/ejavote

As mentioned above, this content can also be used for facebook if you remove #cop15 #ejavote http://bit.ly/ejavote from the end of each sentence.

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