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23 Октября 2017
12.08.2009, Новость
The Earth Journalism Awards
Are you willing to support the Earth Journalism Awards (EJA) by
passing on information about its official launch, this Friday, to
journalists and bloggers in your network?
The EJA will recognize outstanding reporting on climate change and
provide journalists with an incentive to produce more and better
stories in this crucial period leading up to the Climate Change
Conference in Copenhagen December 7-18 2009. The EJA winners will be
invited to attend and cover the negotiations.
The EJA competition officially opens on World Environment Day, June 5,
when all partners and sponsors will be officially announced and
journalists will be invited to submit their reports at http://awards.earthjournalism.org
We would like to make this awards competition a truly international
event that engages local media throughout the world, and would be most
grateful if you could help us achieve this by passing on our upcoming
press release and/or publishing information on your website, sending
updates about the EJA to your mailing lists, partner organizations and
local media, or talking about the EJA in your public events.
Banners for websites and other communication material can be found
here: http://awards.earthjournalism.org/content/spread-the-word
We are also building a presence on online social networks, such as
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and would be happy to connect with you
there if you have a presence on any of those networks.
In return for your support, we would be happy to mention you as a
communication partner on our website.
I am looking forward to hearing your views on this and remain
available for any questions you might have.
Sincerely yours,
The Earth Journalism Awards is a joint project of the California-based
Internews Network (www.internews.org) and the Paris-based Internews
Europe (www.internews.eu). In 2004, Internews launched the Earth
Journalism Network to enable journalists in developing countries cover
the environment more effectively.
Morgan Williams
Internews Europe
72, Rue Jeanne D"Arc, 75013, Paris
France - www.internews.eu
Tel: +33 1 5336-0606
Fr: +33 6 47 45 46 87

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