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17 Октября 2017
14.12.2004, Новость
Лекция Washington DC in Fiction: Books and Ideas
The American Corner together with the US Consulate in Saint Petersburg invite you to a lecture on American Contemporary Prose:

Washington DC in Fiction: Books and Ideas

Wednesday, December 15
at 5pm
Oak Reading Room, 2nd Floor
46 River Fontanka Embankment
(Lecture in English without translation)

Barbara Conaty, a member of the US Foreign Service and Regional Library Officer in Moscow, will present a lecture on contemporary American prose at the American Corner.

Prior to joining the Foreign Service in 2003, Barbara Conaty worked at the Library of Congress (LC) as a supervisor of the cataloging team which handled materials from East and Central Europe in the Social Sciences Division. She is an MLS graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison Library School and also holds a master’s degree in Russian language and literature from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. As a graduate of the University of Utah Law School she worked as a development officer for the Medical College of Wisconsin as well.

Her book reviews have been published in Library Journal (LJ), the noted American magazine for the library industry, for many years. She has reviewed books for LJ in many subjects but her most recent emphasis has been fiction describing the world of Washington DC and its politics. She has also reviewed professional literature for Serials Review, Choice, and Insights, the journal of the Library of Congress Professional Association.

Entrance free, for additional information call: (812)117.15.89

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