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23 Октября 2017
27.03.2014, Новость
LAST CHANCE TO APPLY FOR MA in Diversity and the Media 2014/2015
Dear Colleagues / Friends:

Just to remind you that you can still apply for the MA in Diversity and the Media Course run by the University of Westminster in partnership with the Media Diversity Institute.

There are still some scholarships available too.

In order to be eligible for these, applicants need to have applied and be offered a place to study for the MA in Diversity and the Media ideally before the end of April 2014 and definitely before the scholarship application deadline of 31 May this year. It is therefore advisable for those interested in a scholarship opportunity to apply for a place in the course some time before the scholarship deadline to enable University of Westminster to process their application in time.

Also, please note that applicants who have not yet obtained an English Language test result (TOEFL/IELTS etc) or who are still working towards the completion of their first degree can apply for a place in the course and if they fulfil all the other criteria they can be offered a place in the course (conditional on the production of the missing test result or final degree).

Finally, if you have studied at a University of an English speaking country or a University where English is the sole language of instruction, you can produce an official letter from that institution to that effect instead of an English test result.

If you have any difficulties in putting in your application, please contact Dr Roza Tsagarousianou tsagarr@westminster.ac.uk


I hope this information is helpful and I apologise in advance if this email has reached anyone who does not want to receive updates (please just let me know and I will remove you from my email list).

With best wishes, Milica Pesic.

Milica Pesic, Executive Director
Media Diversity Institute

Great Britain

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